It is undeniable to say that great marketing increases cash flow. And, since we’re living in a “connected” world, it naturally follows that great email marketing can increase cash flow too.

Here are seven why email is a great marketing tool.

1. Email marketing is cheap

Email marketing costs less that direct mail outs, television and radio. It is also kinder on the environment than direct mail outs. If you do it properly, it will give you a high return on your investment compared to any of the other channels you use for marketing your business.

2. A customer bases can be segmented by email

You can segment your customer base by tailoring your message to a specific group of your customers interested in particular service or goods that your business provides. Relevant content is key to email marketing that works.

3. Email allows you to personalise the message to your customer

You can personalise the message to the customer and open a channel of communication via email. Your customer can ask you specific questions and you can directly and quickly respond.

4. You can review the response history of an individual customer

With email marketing the business owner can find out if the customer opened the email, clicked a link or buy something. Email can help you track customer’s responses to your marketing and the services you provide.

5. Email lets your customer take control

The market has changed. The consumer is in control of the relationship now. This is a good thing. If your business can respond to customer feedback, your company will be the one, which flourishes.

6. An email provides a link to your website

Your website is another location that you want to lure your customer to on a regular basis so you can strengthen the specific relationship with each of your customers. Your website sells, educates and communicates what is so great about your business.

7. Use a call to action as part of the emails

A call to action is a reason for the customer to act and take the next step in the purchasing cycle. Some examples of a call to action are ‘Buy two and get one free,’ ‘Free delivery,’ or ‘Fifty percent off the regular price’. You need to keep two things in mind with calls to action:

  1. The offer has to be real
  2. There has to be deadline in order to create a feeling of urgency.

So next time you design a new marketing strategy for your business, definitely build email marketing into the mix.
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