You’ve assembled your dream team and now you want to get the best out of them. How do you maximise the productivity of your workers? Here are 8 tips that will improve team productivity.

Make sure the team has a shared mission.

You may think that the goals of your business are obvious but unless you articulate them clearly to your team, people won’t be ‘working on the same page.’ Even if things are running late, you will benefit from taking some time and listing clearly with your dream team what specifically the goals and objectives of your business are and how you all plan to achieve them.

Have a shared workspace

A shared digital workspace is an important tool for your dream team so that they can share documents; communicate internally with each other and track progress. A shared database means that everyone can access all of the information all of the time and work together in a cohesive and informed unit. As Deb Lavoy, product strategists advises, ‘If your goal is to increase team productivity, you should be evaluating (digital) tools by how well they support your objectives.’

Create a Culture the Encourages Discussion

Dream teams need regular times to discuss issues that arise in the course of business. Through these discussions, valuable insights can be found and usually these perspectives arise during a face-to-face discussion. You need to create a culture where discussion is valued and conducted in a variety of ways from video and telephone conferences, email and microblogging for the times when your workers can’t sit around a table and talk things out. Do be careful of time management in face-to-face meetings though. A good meeting is a meeting that doesn’t go on too long and one where every member has an opportunity to express their opinion.

Create task lists

It is important that your dream team has a mutual understanding of the tasks that need to be done to keep your business rolling along. This task list will formalize the ‘things to do’ to keep your business functioning properly and should be regularly updated. Task lists help focus your team.

Create processes as part of your business culture

Process is ‘a way of automating best practice so that things get done,’ asserts Deb Lavoy. It is a way of formalizing ways of doing things that are the most effective and efficient for the business. Running strong processes means that your dream team is not always re-inventing the wheel. Deb Lavoy continues by saying,’ good process evolves with expertise and learning.’ Once you have a process that works, make it part of your company culture.