Ever thought your business was capable of so much more? Ever wondered how you and your team could work to achieve the amazing business potential you dream about?

When I first meet with business owners, there are many questions and topics that we cover and, while they leave that first session with their passion for their business reignited, it occurred to me that many of the same questions are being asked and answered over and over again.

So here goes…Here’s a list of the five most frequently asked questions about working with me…David Guest.

1. Why Do I Need A Business Coach?

Every great sports star, business person and superstar is surrounded by coaches and advisors.
And, as the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive… you can’t possibly keep up with both the changes in your industry and, the innovations in sales, marketing and management strategies as well.  Having a business coach is no longer  a luxury, it’s become a necessity.

On top of all that it’s impossible to get an objective answer from yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, you can survive in business without the help of a coach, but it’s almost impossible to thrive…

A Coach CAN see the forest for the trees.  A Coach will make you focus on the game.  A Coach will make you run more laps than you felt like.  A Coach will tell it like it is.  A Coach will give you small pointers.  A Coach will listen.  A Coach will be your marketing manager, your sales director, your training co-ordinator, your partner, your confidant, your mentor, your best friend… and, an as a Business Coach, I will help you make your dreams come true.

2. What Is The Alignment Consultation?

It’s the process I start with every business owner. It’s an investment I make with you and it takes about 2 to 3 hours. During this time, we’ll learn as much as we can about each other’s business. From my perspective as your Business Coach, I want to understand your goals, your challenges, your sales, your marketing, your finances and so much more…

I have 3 goals in mind for the Alignment Consultation…

  1. To know exactly where your business is at now;
  2. To clarify your goals both in the business and personally; and thirdly
  3. To get the crucial pieces of information I need to create your Business ACTION Plan for the next 12 months.

From this, we can work towards a step by step plan of action that you’ll work through as you continue with me…

3. How Can You Be Sure You Can Get Me Results In My Industry?

Very simple… you see, as a Business Coach and Mentor, I’m regarded as an expert in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, business management and team building just to name a few… and, with more than 344 different profit building strategies I can help you with, you’ll soon see just how powerful these systems are.

On the other hand, YOU, are the expert in your business and together we can create and apply the systems to make your business fly.

Add to this the fact that within my Team and Partner Network, there is at least someone we highly regard who has either worked with, managed, worked in or even owned a business that’s the same or very similar to yours. With a vast network of industry experts only a phone call away, you can have hundreds of experts ready to help you.

4. Where Will I Find The Time To Work With A Business Coach?

The first little while will be the toughest. Not because of an extra amount of work, but because of the different nature of the work.  But, I will show you how to, on a day to day basis, get more work done with less effort.

After only a few weeks or months you’ll find that you’re not working more, just working differently.  Then, depending on your goals you’ll start to see the results of all your work and if you choose to, you can start working less than ever before.

More often than not, business success is about changing what you do with your time… NOT putting in more time.

5. How Much Does David Guest Charge?

If you look at it from the same perspective as I do…Nothing!

That’s the difference between a cost and an investment. Everything you do with me as your Business Coach is a true investment in your future.

Not only will you create great results in your business but you’ll end up with both an entrepreneurial education second to none and the knowledge that you can repeat your successes over and over again.

During the course of our time together, I may also suggest books, tapes and videos to assist in your training and yes, they’ll add to your investment as you go.

It’s just like having a marketing manager, a sales team leader, a trainer, a recruitment specialist and corporate consultant all half the price of any average secretary…With guarantees to boot!

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