In the modern business world the things that create business success are commonly confined to quality initiatives, superior service, reducing the cost of doing business, viral marketing campaigns and speed to market.

None of which addresses the one most important key to business success – a great team.

Especially when there are so many proven, positive strategies that can be applied to influence people working well together, towards spectacular end results, with a common purpose they’re passionate about, to achieve a worthwhile mutual gain.

It is a fact that businesses of all sizes experience greater tangible payoffs, reach levels of optimal productivity and never struggle with business growth when people work together as a team.

Teamwork is all about spirit, attitude, and enthusiasm. In a business context, people are more inclined to put into practice, behaviour that creates quality outcomes when part of a positively engaged team. Everyone gains a sense of pride, self confidence and sense of achievement when they are collaborating successfully as part of a team.

From the earliest days of civilisation, the “hunter and gatherer” nature of tribes demonstrated effectively how working in-groups brought greater abundance for all.

What is often forgotten, is that the underlying strength behind every team is the diversity each member brings to it. It is the blending of talent, attributes and experience that creates the superior outcome. When combined with support for a common goal and shared sense of purpose, a team can achieve far more than the individual contributions each team member could separately contribute.

Teams become both efficient and effective in accomplishing work and achieving results when given the right environment and structure.

Often it’s easier to recognise the successful team that some other business has and feel tempted to ‘poach’ or recruit these individuals for yourself. In the belief that their commitment, cooperation and communication would be an ideal asset in your business team. The danger in this type of thinking is that you belittle the value of the people within your own business by always seeing the ‘greatness’ of others, which means you don’t find time to recognise and acknowledge the good that your own team is doing.

For some business owners & leaders, it can have a far more damaging consequence. By always looking at the talented teams of others for potential recruitment opportunities you are saying to yourself and the world at large that you don’t have the leadership skills within you to build your own great team. This unstated acknowledgement can have a serious impact on your reputation and self-esteem as a leader and business owner. It also means that you’ll always be paying the highest rates of salary and wages for your staff, employees and contractors, because you don’t have the internal processes needed to foster and turn everyday people into brilliant, high value employees that create a dream team.

Team members become empowered by personally committing to participate, more co-operative by engaging in supportive relationship building and more communicative, and informed, by being respected and respecting others in the team, which raises their level of contribution overall.

Active involvement and participation ensures and strengthens a commitment to business values and vision. Team members see the bigger picture and realize their role is an integral part of reaching goals and objectives. As teams mesh together, forming an internal balance that equal supports, makes accountable and respects the individual; ultimately they become accountable and responsible unit, focused on implementation, measuring and monitoring results.

If you’re pursuing business growth through successful results then a team and teamwork is what will get you there. Action plans are needed to build team concepts; especially ones that take into consideration the values that drive the business and the strategies necessary to support them. However at the end of the day, when all the sales are made, the numbers tallied up and reviews are conducted; it’s your team that will get you and your business to the next level.