Just before becoming business coaching clients, people often ask me, “How can I be sure you’re the right coach for me?”

I have no difficulty answering this question honestly because, in an industry where there are so many decisions to make, I feel very strongly that you partner with a business coach that is ideal for you.

I believe, there are three important factors to look out for when finding the right business coach, business growth expert, or mentor for you:


You need to make sure you are in alignment with the coach’s message. Does the way they market, the way they speak and the way they present themselves feel right to you and feel right for you business?


Do they have a systematic approach to business coaching. As an example, I have several systems designed for each specific stage a business might find itself in. Whether you need a kickstart or seeking a coach who can help you accelerate into your next growth curve through private business coaching, the systems are all based on ActionCoach approach to growing a business.

Whomever you choose, you should make sure they have some kind of step-by-step process or series of criteria used to help their clients get from where they are to where they want to go.

A Track Record of Growth

You need to make sure that the person can demonstrate successes that are both significant and beyond what your money goal is.

If your goal this year is to make six figures, you want to make sure that business coach you select has proven themselves to be able to create at least that amount either themselves or for their clients. Experience is important and choosing a business coach that has achieved less your target is foolish.

There are a lot of wonderful people out there who have the best of intentions, who are calling themselves marketing and business coaches, but frankly they have no systems, no track record and…probably never will.

So again, here are the three important elements to look for when choosing a business coach:

  • Be sure that they’re in alignment with your heart and with your message.
  • They should have a systematic approach to marketing and business.
  • That they have achieved the financial objectives for either themselves or their clients that are the same as where you want to be.

You should also keep these three elements in mind when you’re considering whose advice to follow, even if you’re not working with them directly.

If you are a business or marketing coach, remember to evaluate your own approach from the perspective of your clients through these criteria as well. The people who need you most (your clients) should be able to tell that you are a good fit for them based on these same three important pieces as well.