If you have read books or excerpts from Ken Blanchard or John P. Kotter then you already understand the importance and principals of management skills & leadership –

That management skills are all about engaging with people and groups, and working with the complex interrelationships that are created in business environments in order to be able to predict a situation and reach an organizational goal.

While Leadership involves influencing behavior and being able to cope with rapid changes.

So the main differences between a leader and a manager (as pointed out by Kotter) are:

  • Managers are involved in budgeting and planning – Leaders set the direction.
  • Managers are engaged in organizing and staffing – Leaders align people at all levels through communication.
  • Managers are problem solvers who offer control – Leaders inspire and motivate.

Good business management requires you to have management skills & leadership with good interpersonal skills for your business to succeed at the top level.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t necessarily start their business with the intention of being in a management or leadership role. They start with a dream and vision of a business they can build by serving the needs of people, so when the time comes to step into the management and leadership role they can despair and find the transition uncomfortable. But what do you do when the business you’re growing into a company requires you to be that person?

You get a business mentor someone who can guide and give you coaching and support as you come to grips with the new you, you need to be.

A business mentor will help you use your natural entrepreneurial talents and find ways to evolve into this dual role of manager and leader who constantly motivates, inspires and adds value to the team.

A business mentor like David Guest can help you change the way you managing your team so that you get a sea change inside your business which flows into positive financial outcomes.

The two areas that really require attention as you’re going through this period of change are:

  • Feedback – Feedback is the breakfast of champions! It’s the difference between being semi-pro and a gold medal Olympian. This is not the realm of ‘yes men’, this is about hear the facts, owning the reality and having the courage and dignity to do something about the bad stuff.
  • Listening skills – Being the person at the top of the pyramid and a constant decision making, direction giving skipper, can dull our ability to listen. Sometimes, the lack of time makes us in a hurry to hear the input of others and not every one has the concise communication skills of someone who’s been under pressure at the top for a long time. Regaining the luxury of time to listen can be very affronting and frustrating, yet brings about the most remarkable transformations in businesses and business owners.

It is challenge to bring together your management skills & leadership for the benefit of your business. It challenges the very nature of who you are as a person and business owner and yet the effort is worth it from every perspective – financial outcomes, relationships with your team, more time off, growth and expansion of your business, the list goes on.
With a business mentor by your side, you can make a smooth transition from manager or leader to visionary business billionaire.