David Guest, a business coach based in Melbourne tells us that,

‘There are two kinds of people in the professional world. The first kind tries to improve their grasp over time management and efficiency skills and attain a consistency when dealing with work tasks. The second kind tries to use any means possible to just get the job done at any cost.’

He goes on to say that good time management helps business grow in the long term rather than just pleasing a few clients momentarily.

Business coach Guest is saying that consistency is the key to good time management and that as a long-term enterprise like a business, it is worth taking a long-term view and approach to time management. Good planning and scheduling means you can be ready for unexpected challenges for your business while still keeping the daily machinations of your workplace moving.

It is important that everyone in the team has strong time management skills and that they are not using simply any means possible to please a client. The ‘Getting things done’ approach is reactive and chaotic and Guest says that if you have people in your team who are working that way then, ‘it’s time for some leadership and internal training to get your whole business benefiting from real time management.’

A business coach can help your team get out of the habit of doing the job at any cost and into the habit of planning and consistently getting tasks done.

A business coach can give your team the fundamental skills and tools for good time management that is considered, ordered and consistent. When approaching the issues surrounding time management skills, a business coach would offer transactional coaching. This is coaching where as a team; you learn all of the fundamental skills that you will need to improve your productivity through good time management.

Increased productivity leads to growth and no one’s ever met a business owner that wanted a smaller business. The secret to that growth is consistency.