If you’re looking for ways to improve your dream team’s productivity, David Guest brings you these four tips to make you take the next step with your team.

Lead by example

Act how you expect your employees to act.

Your dream team look to you for guidance and strength. If you tell your employees you expect one thing and act against your own expectations, your employees will feel betrayed. Inspire your team by completing tasks yourself, the best way you know how.

Your team will respond to your actions, not your commands.

Provide guidelines and objectives

Specify clear guidelines and set achievable objectives for your team.

Providing your dream team with clear and defined rules helps improve the team’s time management as they complete each objective.

Set daily objectives to be completed that will provide the team with a sense of purpose. Especially when some objectives seem too challenging, set smaller objectives in the meantime so your team gains a sense of achievement.

It is also important to approach your team members to discuss individual objectives. What are each of your team members particular talents and desires at work? Give them the chance to be flexible within their role.

Focus on achievable goals

Establish the results you want from your team and each team member.

If a goal is not vital to your business and it is not foreseeably achievable, remove it as a goal. This is an essential rule for effective time management, giving you and your dream team more time for the vital work to be completed.

Most importantly, make sure you acknowledge your team’s achievements once a goal is reached. Your team will respond well to recognition of their work.

Communicate with your employees

Keeping open communications with all of your employees ensures that you will get the best out of them.

Ask your team what they want to achieve each day. This way they have control over their own goals. At the end of the day, ask them what they achieved. Some organisations put a list on a board so they are reminded of what they want to achieve and can see their achievements at the end of each day.

For effective time management, find out from the team and each individual when their most productive part of the day is. This is when you will expect your team to be most driven and focused.

Ask your team members what they’re up to, this provides you with an idea of what they’re achieving and also gives them the chance to consider their work. Give your employees the chance to set their own deadlines.