Dream teams are made up of people all wanting success as a team and as individuals. We often wonder whether having the success of both the team and the individual is possible. Of course it is, with these 10 essential steps from David Guest, top business coach in Melbourne.

Common purpose

Ensure everyone wants the team to head in the same direction. It’s not just about making it clear to the team what you want from them or what you expect from them. All players in your dream team must believe in a common purpose or outcome.


Every member of the team must trust their colleagues and believe that they are trusted. Everyone must follow through with ideas and tasks that they put into play.

Positive attitude

Every member of a dream team should be focusing on how to achieve success in all situations, instead of asking why they need to be responding to a problem. The team needs to focus on how to improve the situation or how to fix the problem.

The right role for the right person

What does each member of the team do best? Every member of the team will want to play a role that they will achieve success in. Clarify with each team member where each of their interests lie and what functions they want to play within the team to become a dream team.


Every team player needs to learn how to take responsibility for their actions, whether good or bad. It generates respect and ensures the smooth running of the team.

Small wins

The end goal of some projects can seem far away and people can lose faith in the possibility of a successful outcome. Look for smaller objectives along the way to help motivate the team.

Celebrate success

Even in tough times there will be successes to be celebrated. Make the team aware of these and this will push them on to get to the next success.


If a person is struggling with the work or facing a new challenge, every player in the team needs to provide support and back up those who are feeling the crunch.


A team full of talkers and no listeners will achieve very little. Make sure that each person has their time to talk while the rest of the team listens and takes ideas or suggestions on board.


Seeking constant success can become a habit, the team may fall into a trap of forgetting what the outcome or objective is. Paring back the unnecessary and sometimes negative matter to clarify what the simple objective is help to bring perspective to the situation.

If you require more guidance, Melbourne business coach, David Guest, can provide you with more essential advice for making a successful dream team.