Are you too stressed and overwhelmed to think about time off? Perhaps you’re even losing track of where you projected your business to be by now.

If you’re spending all of your time focusing on the work that needs to be done and not taking the time to consider how you can push your business further, here is some productivity advice using time management from David Guest—business coach, Melbourne.

First of all, learn how to delegate

This is an essential time management practice. There are going to be certain tasks that are not the best use of your time. Start paying attention to the tasks that you’re doing and make a list.

Look over the tasks, whether they’re tasks you hate doing or tasks that can be done by another person, decide: ‘Who is better suited to doing these tasks?’ You may find they come back to you, but at least you are aware of the tasks that need to be done by you, and which can be done by one of your employees.

Utilise time management by splitting your week up into work focus days, free days and buffer days.

Focusing on your work

This is the work you need to do because it brings in the money. And to improve your focus, you need to remove the distractions that interrupt your work flow and move them to other times.
Three main examples of distractions:

    1. Turn off your social media.
    2. Close your inbox (at least keep it in the background and turn off your email’s automatic notifications).
    3. Turn off your phone. Sometimes this won’t be possible, but sometimes it will. Try it and see how much more focused you’ll be.


Free days

You need to take time off, a simple fact you may choose to forget about but an important one. Walking away from your desk and smart phone is going to be difficult, but once you start a habit of forcing yourself away from your work your mind will feel more rested, less stressed and better focused when you do sit down to focus on your work.

Buffer days

Buffer days are the days you spend focusing on your business.
Spend time researching for your business. Look into training and learning things that you didn’t think you’d find the time for in the past. Make plans for yours and your business’s future.

Utilising these ideas will improve your time management giving you more free time. You will feel more focused and refreshed. For further assistance with managing your time better, talk with David Guest, qualified Melbourne business coach. You are investing in yourself. It is your business and you need to take control of where it’s going.