Melbourne business coach David Guest says the secret to building a dream team is having each team member put aside his or her own needs in order to focus on the larger goals of the team.

Here are ten more secrets that will help you build a dream team for your business.

  1. Give your dream team clear steps to take to achieve the goals of the business.
  2. Develop a way for the team to monitor its progress by concrete milestones.
  3. Frequently assess how well the team is working together.
  4. Acknowledge the team’s successes both big and small. Your employees will really appreciate the encouragement and feel valued by the business.
  5. Make sure the team is flexible enough to bring people in when needed to suit discrete projects.
  6. Give the team enough resources to do their job well. Resources include money, time, people to do the given tasks and authority to get things done.
  7. Schedule regular meetings to keep the lines of communication open between the manager and all of the members of the team. Clear communication is one of the foundations of a successful business.
  8. Make sure every team member understands their role and how it contributes to the team. It is important for team members to know where they fit into the scheme of things.
  9. Create an environment where everyone in the dream team can express ideas and share opinions.
  10. Have a process to manage conflict when it arises. Conflict is unavoidable but if you have a clear process in place, conflicts can be resolved quickly and with a minimum of residue bad feeling.

A business coach can provide excellent insight into the machinations of your workplace and encourage positive results. In can be invaluable to have a business coach’s outside eye to assess the dynamics of a team, find ways to focus on the goals of the business and make your team the dream team.