Whether you’ve formed or are trying to form your dream team, finding the right dynamic is essential, as Melbourne business coach—David Guest—will tell you.

You need to consider each individual member’s skills; how can each person contribute to the team’s success in particular tasks? You also need to consider what plans your team as a whole is going to work toward; how will your team members work together to achieve each goal?

For each task you put to your dream team, you need to provide the team with clear details of the task. Are there objectives along the way? What is the final goal?

You’ve picked certain individuals because of their particular skills and input toward the team, but these skills become futile unless you ensure that individual knows what they are supposed to do in each task. Talk to them about their skills and what competence they can provide to the dream team.

The top Melbourne business coach reveals the S.E.C.R.E.T. to your dream team’s success.

S – Seek and promote acceptance. Make sure all team members feel valued by and valuable to the team.

E – Establish goals. For each team task, every team needs goals and each individual needs independent goals. All goals should lead to the successful completion of the task and all members of the team must support each other in group and individual goals.

C – Create history. All of the tasks completed and the challenges faced by your team become a history. Your team can reflect on these achievements as validation in hard times. But sometimes hanging on to past achievements can hinder the team’s success, sometimes a fresh start is a better option.

R – Realise goals. Achieving goals together as a team will be yours and your dream team’s greatest moments. A bond is formed between the team members that becomes a part of your dream team’s dynamics. Even the smaller achievements create the bond that every team requires to be successful.

E – External threats. When a team is confronted by an external threat, there may be internal conflict, but eventually every member instinctively pulls together to eliminate the threat. Encourage them, don’t let them lose focus as your dream team discovers working together, as a team, is essential to survival.

T – Trust. Each member of the team needs to build trust by being trustworthy and trusting. Lead by example, do what you say you’ll do and trust the team to do the same.

Support the team. You’re their leader, you need to show them how appreciative you are of their efforts. Especially after an achievement. Let them know their contributions are essential to the successful running of the team.