A business is only as good as its people so getting the right people to make your team the dream team is vital to ensure a successful business.

Here are three essentials for hiring your dream team.

1. Hire top quality workers

Dr Ed Hudson, a business coach and theorist in this area, suggests that you proactively search out, identify and hire people from the top ten percent of talent available for every job. Furthermore he advises that you set a time limit to have these positions filled with top quality people. If you can’t find candidates that are first class then fill the job with someone who has the potential to be a first class worker.

2. Use human capital methods to hire your workers

Human capital is defined as the competency, knowledge and personality that a person has in order to perform labour to produce economic value for a business. Human capital methods include interviews, short listing, qualification verification and aptitude tests. These methods can help screen out someone that will become a burden or disruption to the business. A business coach can help you with advice about these methods.

3. Have inclusive goals when hiring new workers

There is a strong case for having a diverse workforce in order to understand the broad demographics of the marketplace your business serves. Demographics in this case include men and women from many generations and ethnic backgrounds and having a policy of inclusion means that your business will be better equipped to thrive in the global economy than a company with employees from a limited range of backgrounds.

Companies that are in a period of fast expansion should only hire ‘A’ players but should also appraise candidates for jobs not only for the current needs of the business but also for future positions. You need people that can do the current job but also have the potential for promotion within the business.

Hiring your dream team will involve some of the most important decisions you will have to make regarding your business. It is worth considering a business coach to help you with these challenges, get you that dream team and watch your business grow.