Some cash flow tips may seem quite broad. That’s because there’s a lot more to cash flow management than just getting in more money. Sometimes, you have to dig deep and decide for yourself what’s really important.

Use these obscure but time-tested cash flow tips and watch your income soar.

15 Obscure Cash Flow Tips That Help Grow Your Business

  1. Make time for working ‘on the business’
  2. Delegate (not abdicate) as much as you possible
  3. Know your daily and overall goals
  4. Get organised – don’t waste valuable time looking for things.
  5. Remain focused during meetings
  6. Know your effective hourly rate
  7. Schedule quiet time each day
  8. Ask for help when you need it
  9. Don’t allow phone calls, emails and instant message alerts to distract you
  10. Learn to say “no”
  11. Invest in training or business coaching to speed up your learning. (It’ll pay dividends in the long-run.)
  12. Prioritise your to-do list and remove items that are neither important nor urgent
  13. Do one thing at a time
  14. Trust and listen to your intuition
  15. Communicate what you want clearly

If there were ever a mantra for consistent cash flow, it would be clarity of thought and clarity of mind and that means taking the time out to plan, with the help of the team you have around you, how each and every dollar works for you and your business.

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