A business coach is the most crucial part of any business that is wanting to achieve spectacular success.  They are the right person who can provide valuable advice and support to your business, and help you to build a dream team to reach huge goals in your business. David Guest is a recognised and award winning business coach in Melbourne who can help you  get these same kinds of results in your business. If you are planning to build your own virtual team then you must follow the advice of your business coach  to get the best results possible.

Management skills are the most important things to have when you are working with your virtual team. If you have effective management skills then you are able to foster the best output from your team. Now it is important to know what management skills are.

Management skills are entirely about working with a group of people, in particular teams, and their complexities in order to be able to get the set objective completed and reach the intended target set.

There are three important management tips you must follow when you have your own virtual team because these tips can help you to turn your team into a dream team for your business.

Managing by outputs, not activity

The most common thought that business managers and corporate executives have when handling virtual team is “How to know that the employees will be working if I am not there to monitor them?”  Well, the straightforward answer is you won’t rather it is not possible at all. So you should not confuse activity with productivity.

As a manager you should provide compact, rational and achievable assignments so that you employees what and when must be done. There are several matters that could be included here such as reports, number of calls and number of supports etc.

It is really vital to share details of deliveries and timetable with your virtual team so that there would not be any chances of getting any miscommunication and it is the perfect way to stay everyone on the “same page”. Make your team realize that the target and expectations are not something like building a castle on air.

The value of a manager in any business is as important as an Olympic coach to an elite athlete. A clear definition of the assignment will help to get more quality work from your team.

Strong communication

Communication is the most vital part of successful team management. This is the only thing that connects the complete team of remote employees. There are lots of communication channels such as phones, mails, chats etc. Setting specific working hours and ask your entire team to be connected at that time not only enables communication, it will help you feel more in control if you struggle with the idea of your team members not being in the same office.

Meetings and schedules

Meetings serve a vital factor for any kind of team. If you don’t currently hold regular team meetings then your business coach is going to be pretty annoyed with you. You must call your entire team in on meetings for a specific day and time to discuss updates, progress, difficulties and other issues. This way you are able to get more from your team and relationships vital to open and strong communication can be formed between team members.