Great business management begins with managing time, task flow, budget and other sections of a business to make it successful. Everyone cannot be great at this type of work. There are some personalities that are more suited than others to make a business great. A key component of an effective business is cashflow.

Managing an effective cashflow and your business can be affected by personality type. There are some personalities that are better than others for the world of business. This article will outline and provide details of the importance of emotional management for great cashflow and the type of personality that can help you achieve a successful business along with the aid of business coach.

Some qualities needed for a personality with good emotional management for great cashflow according to Melbourne business coach David Guest are being an extrovert, working well with others, an ability to communicate effectively, using logical judgment when making decisions, the capacity to make difficult decisions, having goals, the aptitude to identify issues and work out answers to resolve them, managing the expectations of a team of employees in addition to your own expectations and being realistic about the business or industry at hand.

This list is by no means complete, but a wonderful place to start for getting the right emotional management for great cashflow for any business type. A couple of the personality traits or behaviors can be explained in further detail.


The ability to communicate with employees in addition to your customers is critical. Communication is how you relate your business goals, needs and wants to various people involved in running a successful business. For example, you may have to persuade creditors to allow an extension for the company because of cashflow issues. You may also need to relate bad news to employees like mandatory overtime to achieve certain goals. These are critical forms of communication that must be performed to make the business work at optimum form or pace. Lack of communication or a poor use of it can definitely affect any business cashflow negatively.


There are two distinctive types of judgment.

  1. Thinking judgment or deciding based on logical or objective information received.

These are people that prefer to have only the facts and have a penchant to not allow emotional decisions to cloud decision making.

  1. Feeling judgment or making decisions based on how you or someone else feels is the polar opposite of thinking judgment.

These are people that put a very high price on their decisions and actions and how they affect others. Additionally, they may decide something based on a gut feeling rather than facts.

A great manager will possess both of these traits and know the correct time to use which one. There are some situations that require logical and objective decisiveness and other times where emotional management of a situation is needed. The most important factor is creating a harmonious work setting that encourages great cashflow into the workplace environment.


Being realistic about the business or industry that you are in is wonderful for business. This is an individual that understands the reality of how the industry works. The business professional understands what it means to work within a budget. They understand why something needs to be done a certain way and when it’s necessary to make changes to a policy or procedure that could affect the cashflow, integrity or brand of a business.

These are a few of the personality traits that are important to the emotional management of great cashflow in a business. If you struggle with managing your emotions when under stress or overwhelm in your business then consider working with a business coach (David Guest in Melbourne has experience in working with people who are challenged and need assistance with emotional management) who will give you the tools you need for getting you emotions under control so that you can keep on top of business and your cash flow.