Business success requires the kind of leader who can be a source of constant inspiration and motivation to their team or employees. This inspires them to attain quality and excellence in their performance.  A business consultant or the right business coach Melbourne can help you achieve these 8 essential management skills in order to create a quality team at work.

Presence and observation

In order to gain credibility, your business coach will tell you how important it is to be seen so that your team knows you are up to date with what happens at your workplace. Observe your employees, be a part of the procedures and interactions on a scheduled basis.

Employee performance monitoring

This is a key area you must develop with your business mentor where monitoring is not a mere assessment to be filed away. You must make policies, goals and procedures clear to groups and individuals. Regular conferences should be a way of life at your business and not only when there is a problem looming ahead.

Performance Development Programs

PDP or performance development programs must not merely be an itemization of strengths and weaknesses. Your business mentor will help you evaluate these and equip you with strategies for training and development of the weaker skills of employees.

Once you know where they stand in relation to their daily tasks, it is your job to help them come up the curve.

Mentor them directly, assign a mentor to them or offer them other avenues like training to develop the skills required for quality production.


Every business coach Melbourne and business consultant will tell you how essential it is for a leader to have strong knowledge and expertise in the processes of production. If you are not an expert, make sure there are regular consultations with various departments so you are well informed and accurate in daily work processes.

Decision making

A business mentor can help you in learning the path to reaching good decisions after careful evaluation of all factors. This also means that you are flexible and willing to adapt to changes as well so that your employees have confidence in the leadership.


To be on top of it, research and review are essential. A good leader is aware of the present and also able to look into the future. Planning and researching keeps you prepared for the future.

Team motivation skills

This is the most essential part any business mentor will coach you on. It is important to know your employees – know their spouses, their likes and dislikes – build a rapport. It makes your employees feel wanted and both of you feel acknowledged.


Everybody loves being rewarded for a job well done. Anything as simple as a private thank you, buying them lunch, giving them half the day off will work wonders to strengthen the team spirit. Happy and satisfied employees begin self-managing themselves and soon you can concentrate on other things at work.

With a business coach, you will be able to hone your management skills, which will ultimately build that trust, confidence, and strength that any good business thrives on!