In business, things cannot be done alone. No matter how intelligent or cunning you are, it is almost next to impossible to achieve excellence in business. There is a need for one to be in a team, or a collaborative effort. Too often, businessmen do joint ventures or tie-ups, whether with existing people in their team, or those outside their organization (for instance, a partnership with a supplier). This gives the impression that to succeed in business, you have to work in teams, lone ranger not necessary.

Since you will be working in a team, it is important to know the qualities of a good team player. Come on, nobody wants to be with a Grinch or a spoilsport on a team! If you are to work in a team, at least you have to discover the traits necessary to become an effective team member.

Fortunately, here are some great tips from Melbourne business coach David Guest on how you can be an effective team member.

  1. Be reliable. One of the first things that people notice is if you can deliver on your expected tasks. If you show signs that you can deliver the tasks assigned to you, you can be just what about every dream team is looking for. Establish your work ethic and you can be a team member any team will be proud to have onboard.
  2. Learn to communicate. Learn to speak up and contribute in discussions, without being too cocky or overly confident. When you are in a team, leaders are always on the lookout for people who contribute suggestions and ideas. If you become an effective communicator, you can contribute much to the team.
  3. Listen more. If you know how to speak, you should learn to listen twice as much. If you are working in a team, a lot of opinions will surface. Listen to these ideas, even if sometimes you do not agree with them. Remember: discussions are similar to diamonds in the rough. If you listen more, you can uncover a very good suggestion. Learn also to tune in to non-verbal signs as well.
  4. Participate. If your team is in a process of group discussion, do not clam up. Participate in any you can. Make yourself comfortable in sharing your ideas or skills. You will never know how much you are capable of if you do not try to pitch in.
  5. Be flexible. Learn to adjust to any situation and show your team you can do a variety of things. Never say never – says a popular song. In a team, flexibility is a very important trait. This would mean that if worse comes to worst, you can cope under situations that many others crack in – all the biggest dream teams around the world are scouting for people like this.
  6. Commit to the team. You can not earn the trust of your team if they get wind that you are not willing to commit. As much as possible, show your team that you mean business. This is a very helpful tip especially when you’re a team newcomer.
  7. Remember the Golden Rule. Most importantly, learn to respect people and treat them the way you want to be treated. In any team, you won’t survive if you show nasty behavior.

David Guest is a business coach in Melbourne who has years of experience in building dream teams for major corporations, sales organizations and fast and lean entrepreneurial ventures. He works with business owners, showing them how they can get the best out of their teams and build dream teams that make their businesses flourish.

David believes that one should learn to be a good team member if you want to be a great team leader, because in any team, all results are because of team efforts. No amount of individual effort can compensate for a collaborative team effort.