A leader is literally the captain of the ship in any kind of business organization. When you are a leader, you have the heavy burden of having to carry the entire team to the end of the line – company success. Leadership is no easy feat. It is something that entails a lot of patience and effort, not to mention tons of skill and human relations. You, the leader, are responsible for fostering a good working environment, not to mention a generally participative atmosphere at work.

Business Coach, David Guest reveals how your leadership skills foster employee engagement and contributes to your business success. That way you know what to do about your team.

  1. Leaders provide company vision. When you are the team leader, you set where the direction of the team will be. Your vision could be a tad too overwhelming to deal with at first, but if you discuss your company vision with your team, there is a higher chance that they will commit to it.
  2. Leaders establish the systems necessary to maximize team effort. The most important role of a team or business leader is to synchronize team effort. This is possible if you are able to establish functional and detailed systems that allow you to create step-by-step procedures for doing important tasks. Most of the time, employee engagement is increased if people know how to get things done properly. Every one likes that winning feeling.
  3. Leaders establish communication systems. It is your duty as a leader to foster effective and open communication in your organization. A team functions better when communication lines are open, influencing a healthy exchange of opinions, ideas and suggestions.
  4. Leaders influence a culture of trust. As a business owner and leader, it is your responsibility to cultivate a culture of trust from your employees. Trust is very important if you and your team are to work in a productive, low stress environment. You also have to be someone worthy of your team members’ trust. If they trust the captain of the ship, they are most likely to raise the sails and row the boat, so to speak.
  5. Leadership equals motivation. When you are holding the reins of leadership, you also take on the role of chief motivator to your whole team. Employee engagement will always be influenced by the way you motivate your team members. You may encourage them, or use punishment for those who are not performing to expectations, maybe even a combination of the two. However you choose to do it, needs to be what works best with your team.
  6. Poor leadership equals employees jumping (off the) ship. News alert! Leaders sometimes become the reason for high employee turnover. So, you need to take your role as a guide and mentor seriously if you want to attract and keep a team that are engaged. This way you will be able to help your employees do the right thing during bottlenecks and cope come crunch time.
  7. Leadership and team development go hand in hand. If you are the person in charge of a team, keep your personal ambitions in check (do not be selfish and seek individual success). Make sure you find ways for your team to undergo team development so that ‘the rising tide lifts all boats’. That way, all of them can better engage in company objectives and therefore contribute effectively.
  8. A great leader says: do not settle for anything less than best. If you are a leader, you are not just a motivator, you call the shots. That means you have to make sure that your team performs well. You do not only counsel your team members, you also push them to the top. While others would look at it at pure torture, later, they will realize that it was your leadership that helped them realize their full potential.

Leaders have a great burden and responsibility to influence team members to work to their best and fullest capacity. If your team members don’t yet see what a great leader you are, then a business coach can help you foster the right attitude to change that. Once you begin making the changes your business coach recommends you will see a drastic change in their performance. Soon, you will be a few steps away from having your own dream team.