Leaders in any organization understand that human beings are creatures of emotion and thus have to be treated well. It is therefore necessary to practice emotional management in your organization to make sure that emotional baggage and conflict don’t hinder your team from achieving your team goals and objectives.

Despite the fact that teams are usually more optimistic than pessimistic, there could be one or two instances where negativity takes its toll on your team spirit. You may deny it, but if it’s true you could find yourself having one or two team members that sabotage the entire team.

A word of warning: Negativity does affect your team performance, especially when it is an on-going long-term problem. David Guest, a business coach in Melbourne has seen this first hand and advises business owners to keep an eye out for a negative or moody team member who might be undermining all management efforts; and why you should instead be breeding a positive environment for your team.

  1. Negativity breeds less cooperation. Negativity can make your team uncooperative. No one wants to contribute if they have a negative end in mind. Whilst most projects start with optimism; work out ways for your team to stay that way when adversity or challenges are reached. That way, your team will be more willing to make time and effort for your business objectives.
  2. Negativity can break up your dream team. Your team can suffer if there is someone who is always bringing up the negative perspective. If there are negative perceptions and attitude in general, it could split your team and thus, lead to failure. If optimism breeds unity, pessimism does otherwise.
  3. Negativity breeds interpersonal conflict. In your pursuit for success, personal opinions will sometimes vary, or clash. When handled correctly this creates an environment of innovation. Negativity can put this on a totally higher level, and having negativity prevailing in your team can be a cause for people to have emotional outbursts that cause interpersonal conflicts that escalate out of control.
  4. Negativity gets you nowhere. Negativity is like a rocking chair; it causes a bit of rocking, but you are not really going anywhere, and definitely not nearer your team goals. In business, creativity is a valuable commodity for a team so spending time to negate negativity is worth every second.
  5. Negativity will dampen your team’s morale. Cheerleaders understand that negativity is contagious and a curse. Their only role is to dispel negative thoughts from the team, the crowd and to make sure that it stays that way. In your team, you as the leader can add value by being the cheerleader. Keep your team moving forward and doing things with a strong and positive work ethic.

Emotional Management, according to David Guest, a business coach in Melbourne, must be well done in your organization so that you are able to work effectively, despite raging emotions or conflicts.

Emotional Management is no easy feat, as it makes you responsible for orchestrating your team members’ emotions. That can mean anything from their responsibilities at work, to sometimes, things that are not work related. If you do this well, you could be on your way to a successful and emotionally healthy dream team.

With emotional mastery, you’re able to have a collaborative effort without having to deal with interpersonal conflicts in your organization and instead, deal with things that matter most.