Managerial Leadership is about having a business culture that focuses on increasing the individual leadership capacity of everyone in your business.

As the person at the top, Managerial Leadership is vital to the growth & strategic transformation of your business. It is also one of the best ways of preparing your business to operate as an independent entity steered by your vision and run day-to-day by your team. Businesses with a culture of Managerial Leadership are desirable take-over, buy-out or business investments.

Managerial Leadership requires a leader that sets a great example consistently and demonstrates these management skills and traits…

  • Mentor

You act as the visionary who is able to be flexible with implementation and believes that the team has the capacity to achieve the expected outcomes. You are the guide that motivates and inspires your team to keep focused on the end goal. You raise their spirits in times of adversity and channel their energy into productive pursuits in times of victory. You are the respected leader who holds the big picture for your team.

  • Evangelist

    You are the most passionate about the goals, objectives and outcomes you are seeking to achieve. Your commitment to making things happen is contagious and inspires others. You demonstrate your passion by actively taking an interest in the work you do and achieving the best results. You unite your team through your common interest – your passion.

  • Adjudicator

    You listen to your team and seek to understand the difficulties and problems they are experiencing, and then nurture in them the desire to learn and problem solve for themselves. You show through your actions that each person must own their obligations and reject the shifting of responsibilities in times of difficulty. Through your strength of character you are a respected decision maker that others turn to for a calm, fair and wise course of action in times of trouble.

  • Team Member

    You are a vital member of a team that is working towards a single shining goal. You are in harmony with the ideas and actions of your team adding value through your personal contributions while allowing others the opportunity to do the same. You respect the different work and communication styles of others because you recognize that these differences are required to form dynamic, innovative dream teams.

  • Leader

    You take responsibility for the successes as well as the disappointments, learning from both. You defer to others when their expert knowledge or skill is required and give them the ‘spotlight’ so that the light of their success is full upon them and only reflects onto you. You decide quickly so that your team is able to take action straight away and change your mind slowly giving your team time to show results, learn and if need be fight to defend the project.

When reviewing these traits, no doubt you’ll recognize that you already have many of these skills and traits.

What you need to look at now, is how many of your employees are demonstrating their Managerial Leadership skills and what is preventing everyone in your organization from stepping up and following your lead,

Sometimes it’s difficult to be objective about the culture that exists in your business, because it seems to spring into life all by itself. When you’re faced with this situation an objective third-party like a business consultant or your business coach can help. These highly skilled individuals are able to look at the way your business functions and point out the gaps, bottlenecks and trouble spots.

To get Managerial Leadership flowing through every part of your business you need to make a concerted effort to focus on it and empower your team. If you’ve got recruitment problems or issues with time management then seeking the advice or services of a business coach like David Guest in Melbourne can help you hurdle over the slow messy bits of change and get you to increased productivity and smooth running operations faster.

With Managerial Leadership in your business your prospects will grow.