So you have heard about them, the different business empires passed on from generation to generation. This is a very sound business strategy for the old rich, those who like to keep the family fortune through the years.

While the family business becomes top priority for most family members, there are some family employees who do not wish the same and would rather cash out on the business. If you are the direct head for this kind of business venture, it is pretty sure that you have had a problem or two with family employees who cannot seem to create borders between family and career.

Rule of thumb: According to any wise Business Coach, you need to get family employees to undergo staff appraisals and let them evaluate their own performances too. An objective performance management assessment is very important to achieve the dream team you want, lest you would have irate family employees breaking not only the company, but family ties as well.

How do you conduct staff appraisals with family employees?

  1. Make sure that the family employees know their Key Result Areas. Do not just put them in an office and make them adjust to whatever is the trend in that certain department. Like non-family employees, training and performance assessment tools are still on top of the list. Giving them their own set of responsibilities will make things easier for you to measure, particularly their effectiveness and efficiency as members of your dream team in the company.
  2. Be objective, not subjective. One of the biggest mistakes made by managers is to “baby” their family employees or cut them extra slack for non-conformance to standards. Stay away from that practice is one of the tips David Guest, a Business Coach in Melbourne advises. If you want excellence, stick to it, family member or not. This would be for the benefit of both sides; family employees will see this as a challenge and respond positively, while non-family employees will see the fair treatment and also work hard.
  3. When staff appraisal time comes, be fair. Be blunt and be objective. David Guest suggests you focus on the key result areas you’ve agreed with your family team members. Get that list and discuss with the family employee what has happened during their appraisal period. Have they conformed to standards? Did they meet expected performance? Do not sugarcoat anything and try to have figures to back up your observations. Credit them for the good things that they have done, and call their attention to any mistakes made. Be reminded: DO NOT MIX CAREER WITH FAMILY STUFF. It is your duty to give an objective appraisal, meaning you have to set boundaries yourself. You may give them a chance to prove their worth for a certain amount of time (say, a quarter to a year max).
  4. If all else fails, let them go. Now, this is an extremely hard task to do, but someone has got to do it, otherwise your other employees will not grant you the right amount of respect and over time will defy your rules and hinder you in establishing a dream team for your company.

Creating your dream team is not an easy task. One of the tools you can use is to have regular performance management assessments and make do without the hassle of handling difficult family employees every so often.

A business coach, like David Guest in Melbourne can help you untangle your business from family relationships and get it performing like a well practiced Olympic dream team with the right tools – Staff Appraisals and Performance Management Assessments.