As a business coach, mentor and business consultant, I’ve seen many different types of business leaders and one thing I’ve noticed that really sets the good apart from the bad is their ability to manage time.

There are many kinds of leaders in the business world today. Some are fierce and competitive and some are more flexible and strong. What sets great leaders apart, are the time management skills they have and how they apply these skills.

There are so many different ways to manage your time that it is essential that every manager and leader work out what works for them. When you are able to designate your time in certain ways that work for you, you’ll be able to work efficiently as well as set the example for your organization and team to follow.

If your time management skills are letting you down so that you run late for meetings, never seem able to get through your emails, forget to ring people or return calls then the example you’re setting for your organization and team is one that gives people permission to be inefficient and tardy. This leads to a slap dash business culture that can be difficult to shift even after you’ve put in place better time management strategies so that you’re now on time and responsive to messages, calls and people.

Being a friendly and approachable leader is only of benefit to your organization and team if you’re on top of your responsibilities and adequately delegating – so that how you utilise your time is within your control.

On the other hand if you’re the type of leader who shuts themselves away from others for days at a time so that you are unavailable for your team. You may be being productive and getting lots of focused and creative work done, however by shutting your people out, whether you realise it or not, you’re creating a disconnect between them and you. No matter how great that vision or project direction is that you’ve worked tirelessly to create, without that connection with your people your ability to sell them ‘the dream’ and inspire them will be zero.

Being the brilliant innovator and creative leader is only of benefit to your organization and team if you have open communication and healthy working relations with your team – so that how you use your time and leverage the time of others creates more value and bigger results.

Leaders who remain connected with their organization and team as well as make time to focus on the big picture and achieving outcomes are the ones who get the greatest rewards. Their mastery over time through prioritisation, delegation and self discipline give them a huge advantage, because –

  • they are able to recognise and clearly assess opportunities when they arise that grow the business and brings everyone closer to success;
  • they are always learning from the people around them so they can integrate and revolutionise what they do to make them highly efficient peak performers;
  • they set the example of behaviour for everyone around them which determines the ‘corporate culture’ and way that people interact;
  • they have the mental and behavioural flexibility to respond to a crisis with a level head to create positive outcomes;
  • they give others a sense of value and purpose through their vision as well as by trusting them to do what’s required to make the vision real;
  • they make time for meaningful exchanges with others so that people feel like their contribution matters and they are supported; and
  • they have an uncluttered mind that allows them to be spontaneously creative, deeply thoughtful and seemingly wise when compared to others who lack the time management skills of these leaders.


Because time management plays such a pivotal role in our modern business lives, I created a 14-day time management program for modern leaders. This is an intensive program designed to give you a lot of information, ideas and real world practical things to do that will change how you use, manage and control your time.

Whether you’re just starting out as a leader or have been the guiding force behind your organizations success for quite some time the 14 Day Action Challenge provides a wealth of information to help you with your formula for time management success.