Business owners understand what it’s like to struggle. In the beginning days of your business, you’re barely staying afloat like a buoy in Port Phillip, working crazy hours to make sure that your business succeeds. But once you’ve achieved some stability for your business, it’s time to make sure that it stays stable, and that’s another challenge in and of itself. In order to maintain your business’ stability, you need to motivate your staff and become their leader. If your business is at this stage of development, then it might help to call in an experienced business coach to help you make the transition from doing everything to being the person with the vision and making the big decisions on direction.

The benefit of hiring a business coach to help you with developing your business management and leadership skills is that they’ve been there before; the best business coaches in Melbourne were once successful business owners themselves before they became coaches. They have firsthand experience with what it’s like to be frustrated, overwhelmed and having that big picture that seems out of reach. They also have firsthand experience with the time management issues that can come up when it comes to managing your team and your business. They know what it takes to help a business to succeed, to stabilize, and to grow and flourish.

A motivated team is one of the greatest assets that any business can have. If you truly want to motivate your staff and lead them on the path of success, then you first need to believe that what you’re asking them to do is possible, and that your business can experience greater success. Once you’re on board with these ideas then it’s much easier to share them with others and get them enthusiastic about the direction you want to take the business.

If you’ve been the person with your sleeves rolled up, doing lots of the work for a long time now, you may think it’s going to be challenging to transition into being a leader. However with a bit of guidance and some quiet time to think about the type of leader you want to be changing over into this role can be a joy. The way to start is to think of all the things you admire about other leaders and make a list of these things. Remember that a manager is someone who is mostly focused on processes, whilst being a Leader is more about behaviour, setting the example and inspiring others. So when you’re making your list think of the behaviours of leaders you admire, respect and would most like to be like. Your list will give you the framework within which you’ll be able to adjust and adapt into your new role.

Then you’ll be able to focus on making things happen by

  • Having certainty about your objectives and a plan for how they’ll be achieved;
  • Proactively building a team that is committed to achieving your objectives;
  • Assisting each team member deliver to the very best of their abilities and expand their potential as an individual; and
  • Being open to the best of what everyone, everywhere has to offer.


As you make the move from manager to leader, your team will pick up on the shift in you and change their behaviour accordingly. Through your example the culture of your business will change so to will the way your customers interact with your people. People who find the change difficult to adjust to will make alternative employment arrangements, to make way for people who are better suited to the new environment you’ve created through your change in attitude and behaviour. This is top down change at its best.

If all this sounds daunting then finding a business mentor or coach who is able to give you support and feedback on your progress during this time can make the transition easier for you. They will also be able to help you through any challenging moments that can come up when your teams having to adjust to new ways of working. Sometimes just having someone to listen to what you’re going through who isn’t involved in the business can be the release you need.

Whatever you decide, the important thing is for you to step up and become the leader. That way your team will be able take on more responsibility, your business will be given greater opportunities to excel within your industry and you’ll be able to chart a path of success for everyone to follow. Few things could be more satisfying than that.