From the first day you get into business, you’re taught that knowledge about what you do is what you need to become successful. That your “professionalism” will be the key to success. That people will come to you once they hear about how “good” you are.

You were probably given the age old “wisdom” that says if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door! “Yeah, right!” Let’s speak honestly to each other.

The truth is: knowing how to get customers is infinitely more important than any other knowledge you may get!

I’ve never known any way to make my business (and personal) life better unless I have a constant, never-ending flow of prospects and customers who’ve all called me, wanting to do business! I know that this statement may upset some people. That’s not my intention.

All I’m doing is making the point that you are not in business ..but rather in the: marketing of your business. That’s the bottom line.

In fact, no matter what business anyone is in, they are really not in that business! They are always in the marketing of that business!

By changing your psychology to accept the fact that, as a business person, you are a marketer first, and a provider of products and services second…you’ll be able to easily create the wealth you want!

Of course, I am not implying that you should just market better and deliver substandard products or services. No way. Not only must you be the best marketer, but you must also be the best at what you do as well.

Clients deserve the best. And you have to be able to help them see that – before the buy from you.

This acceptance of your role as Marketer is paramount to changing the size of your bank balance and gaining a measure of success otherwise unattainable. Let’s face it, in any business…the best Marketer wins! Period. End of story.

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