Entrepreneurs asked to critique their own businesses point out how much more they could do, if only they had more capable and enthusiastic employees who were also invested in the growth of the business with pride and a sense of responsibility and self-motivation.

And while it is true that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, it is also true that we generally get the kind of people that we ask for and deserve. The owner/employer is often the faulty weak link.

Sometimes a business owner will gripe that sales people are not professional enough, but the same owner refuses to provide them with adequate training or compensation. Others think that if their employees would just be more productive and make fewer mistakes, revenues and profits could increase – but these same owners have no adequate systems in place to help eliminate human error or maximize efficiency. Still others want to control everything and delegate no important task to anyone else, and then they wonder why their best people cannot assume a greater leadership role and shoulder more responsibility.

But these assets of human capital have their hands tied by their employers, and as a result the entire team suffers until the most valuable team players leave in search of greater challenges, more inspiring opportunities, and more lucrative careers. Likewise – whether they actually realize it or not – the sincere and dedicated owners or entrepreneurs also miss out on a golden opportunity, both personally and professionally. They feel held back and frustrated due to a lack of team-mates who share and embrace their ideals and ideas.

It is especially stressful to see the dream within reach – so close you can almost touch it – but then be repeatedly denied the facility or fortune to grasp it before it slips away and leads to dejection and financial hardship. The solution for both employees and employers is easy, however, as long as business owners are ready and willing to seek out the cause of their trouble and rectify it by making a better team and then engaging in a superior team effort.