If you want a truly amazing business, with amazing customers and an amazing life to boot, then you need to follow this simple 3-Word Formula.

Many business owners achieve less than the amazing results they really deserve because their expectations of themselves and their business are less than what they are really capable of achieving. For any change to be meaningful, whether in life or in business, that change has to be dramatic. Minor change is easy to accomplish but results in only minor differences.

To increase the sales in your business by 150% in three months may require massive changes to both your thinking and the activities you undertake. To begin down this path requires you to BE the business professional that is capable of sustaining the sales growth of 150%.

Everyone has an identity that was developed at a very young age. That identity has values and beliefs associated with it that can be limiting in some way. But, whatever your Identify (your Values and your Beliefs), you will always attract the results that it supports.

So, if you want different results in whatever your setting out to achieve, you must BE the person for whom that level of success comes naturally.

Simply “being” however is not enough. If business success is your goal, you need to take steps towards achieving it. You need to DO what it takes to get you to your goals. You must DO what it takes to have happy and loyal customers. You must DO what it takes to create a strong and supportive team and you must DO what you need to do to remain at the top of your game.

In order to HAVE an even more amazing business, with even more amazing customers, you must develop your business into one that will be highly attractive to your ideal target market. What is an ideal target market? It is specific to your business. Only you can define for yourself the characteristics of your ideal target market. And, in order for you to attract ideal customers, you must BE in the same location where these customers are and to DO what is necessary to attract them and to HAVE the right team and support infrastructure behind you.

If you are the person or business that attracts the people in your ideal target market then they will come. One thing’s for sure, you must BE as well as DO in order to HAVE.